bikini wax shapesLet’s face it, no one gets a kick out of bikini hair removal, do they? The results can make you feel great, but the process? Ugh. In fact, 75% of women say they’d like to banish unwanted hair for good, and we know that a sizeable proportion of those are thinking about some pretty intimate areas when they give that answer.

So which hair removal method is right for perfecting your chosen bikini line with the least fuss?

Let’s take a look at some options:


Wax on, wax aargh!

It’s fast, fairly inexpensive and hurts like f-f-flip. Waxing certainly does have its place.

Wax, applied to the skin, sticks to the hairs and is quickly ripped off. It’s like removing the biggest, stickiest plaster you can imagine, in all its tear-inducing glory. But waxing DOES remove hair from the root, so it stays away for three to six weeks – just long enough for you to crash out with some decency in your favourite two-piece on that beachfront sunbed.

Of course, any re-application means you’ll need to grow out to give the wax something to grab on to, and that’s a real downer to your once-glorious Brazilian strip…

Best for: a quick, cheap dash before you jet off on something


Laser gun fun?

Not too long ago, lasers were all a bit Star Wars. Now they’re everywhere, and that includes beauty salons. Laser removal is a jump up from waxing because it actually destroys hair roots, meaning that, over time, hair returns lighter and finer.

If this is part of your intended summer bikini body regime then you might want to start planning before you even Google celebrity diets. Laser needs up to 12 sessions to get the best results and if you’re fair-haired or dark-skinned then this option definitely isn’t for you.

Most people report that it’s less painful than waxing though and once you’ve finished a course it should be some while before you need any more maintenance. Which is just as well – this is no bargain budget alternative.

Best for: untanned natural brunettes with a healthy bank balance


New kid on the block-SHR Hair-No-More

If lasers are bit rich for your blood, then let us introduce you to the next-generation of Super Hair Removal. SHR goes under the name of Hair No More and is quickly gaining a serious buzz for being superfast and practically pain-free.

A trained therapist sweeps the SHR applicator back-and-forth across your skin, rapidly pulsing selected low energy light. By targeting the hair follicles themselves, Hair No More prevents hair re-growth.

The sensation is nothing more than a gentle warming – much like you get from a hot stone massage. And dark-skinned or fair-haired women of the world, rejoice: this one’s for you too 🙂

Even if you are going grey downstairs, you can banish the silver with Hair No More – because it’s permanent. Most people need around eight sessions and once you’re done, you’ll never again be forced into a rash-inducing emergency bikini line shave.

Best of all, not only does it take a fraction of the time of other long-term treatments, you won’t need to re-mortgage the house to pay for it either. Hair No More bikini line treatments start at just £59. Why not call us on 01252 459000 and book a consultation today?

Best for: an agony-free, always beach-ready bikini line without breaking the bank.

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