Your Invitation to Try Out the Very Latest in Permanent Hair Removal Technology For FREE!

Innovative. Fast. Painless. Hair-No-More Hair Removal.

The future is here. Oh yes.

Shaving, home waxing, epilating, depilatory creams – these old-school methods of hair removal will soon be a thing of the past. Cheap? Yes. Quick? That depends. Painless? Not always! Ingrown hair? Possibly!

Wave goodbye to your wax strips, banish that scary epilator to the back of the cupboard (good riddance!) and toss your razors into the bin – the future of hair removal is here.

What would you say if we told you that you could remove unwanted hair from, say, your bikini area from just £29 – totally PAIN FREE in just 10 minutes? I’m taking a guess that you’d be interested.

Hair-No-More is an innovative new method for the removal of unwanted body hair. Applying the very latest evolution in laser and IPL technologies, it promises superfast, painless hair removal that looks set to revolutionise the beauty industry.

How does Hair-No-More work?

Grab your lab coat and goggles, it’s time for the techy bit! Hair follicles in the chosen area are targeted with wavelengths of low-energy light, pulsed onto the skin at a whopping rate of 3 times per second. These wavelengths gently heat the growth area of the hair follicles, damaging them permanently. This prevents the hair from growing back. Sounds intense, but it’s 100% safe, proven and a highly effective permanent hair reduction method.

So why make the switch to Hair-No-More?

It’s super quick.

Let’s be honest, traditional hair removal is messy and time-consuming. In today’s fast-paced world nobody wants to have to block out space in their diary to get down to a little hair removal. With Hair-No-More, you could step out of a salon with super smooth legs in just 20 minutes – so quick, you could easily fit your salon visit into your lunch break!

Fuss free

There’s no sticky residue that you’re sometimes left with after a wax, and none of the funny smell that lingers after using hair removal creams.

It’s a long-term hair removal solution.

Each Hair-No-More treatment reduces hair growth by around 30% in the treated area – with around 8 treatments recommended for a complete programme.

Did we mention that Hair-No-More is pain free?

Even on your more sensitive areas, you’ll be amazed by the painless experience. Less aggressive than traditional laser hair removal, the most you’ll feel is a slight warming sensation on your skin. Hey – close your eyes and pretend you’re sunning yourself in Bermuda!

Hair-No-More is so cost-effective.

At as little as £19 per session, not only is it affordable in the short-term, but it makes total financial sense too. Think of it as an investment. If you complete a full course of treatments, just imagine how much money you will save on razors, shaving foam, wax appointments and the like… perhaps enough for that holiday in Bermuda! Well – you’ll need an excuse to show off your newly fuzz-free body, right?

Hair-No-More is suitable for everyone!

You’ll see excellent results whether your skin is fair or dark – not always the case with traditional laser hair removal or IPL treatments. Appropriate for almost any area from chin to chest, half back to Hollywood bikini – this treatment really is one size fits all. Male or female, old or young, Hair-No-More can give you the silky-smooth skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Admit it – you’re intrigued. We don’t blame you! We’re so confident that you’ll love Hair-No-More that we’re offering you a FREE consultation and test treatment. You’ll have to be quick though, this offer is available for a limited time only – and we don’t want you to miss out! You will need to book in the next two weeks to get your free consultation and test treatment. And we only have a certain number of these free slots per day.

Pick up the ‘phone and call us on 01252 459000 or pop into the salon today to be one of the very first to try Hair-No-More, we’re sure your watch, wallet and inner-wimp will be thanking you in no time!